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MP350 is designed for quick-serve ordering and hotspot couponing applications. The design emphasizes on the exibility of multi-format printing onto dierent types of paper and the option of adding new scanner or reader devices so as to cope with dierent user identication requirements.


In addition, the kiosk comes with a exible two-piece design which allows both wall-mount and oor-stand installation. The kiosk comes standard with printers equipped with full sensors control such as paper jam, near end and no paper in order to minimize the possible down time and improve the eciency of paper replenishment. Remote monitoring feature can be supported by checking these sensors from time to time.

Quick-serve ordering and Hotspot Couponing 

MP350 Series






  • Smart card reader

  • Metallic pinpad

  • Barcode scanner

  • Webcam



  • Mild steel enclosure

  • IPC motherboard

  • 15-inch touchscreen LCD

  • Contactless card reader

  • Receipt printer



*Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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