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Thanks to the proliferation of internet and smartphone usage. Self-service is now becoming a way of life. People are more accustomed to self-service than ever before. Self-service enables fast and convenient transaction, and allows users to have greater control of the process. Building transactional kiosks for self-service is the core of KMK’s business. 

KMK emphasizes on three key attributes: manufacturing technology, design engineering and kiosk innovation. By adopting a holistic approach to build products that satisfy both business needs and social considerations, we dedicate ourselves to offer the most effective and sustainable self-service platforms for the industry. 

At KMK, we know every idea needs room to grow and every concept takes time to mature. So fostering a culture that encourages creativity, empowerment and collaboration is integral to the way we do business and to which we remain committed today. Such commitment is crucial to our success so far – and to our continued success in the future.



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