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FP550 is designed for enabling fast check-in and guest management applications in hospitality and travel locations. It features a exible enclosure design that supports the option to add a wide array of identication components including but not limited to dierent types of readers, scanners, biometrics and mobile NFC.


The request help function can be linked to the remote console installed at the reception desk or call center. Besides guest check-in or check-out applications, FP550 is ideal for use to enable on-demand printing of nearby attraction guide, priority reservation of eatery as well as the oers of day tours and last minute travels.




Fast Check-in and Guest Management

FP550 Series



  • Card dispenser (Keycard)

  • Passport scanner

  • Thermal Printer (A4)

  • Mobile NFC reader

  • Signature pad

  • Webcam




  • Mild steel enclosure

  • IPC motherboard

  • 19-inch touchscreen LCD

  • Smart card reader

  • Barcode scanner

  • Thermal printer (80mm)



*Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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