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EV250 is designed for supporting unattended retail application such as quick-serve ordering and in-store vending. It comes standard in metallic powder coat nish and can be accessible from the front with a hinged door and locking panel for electronic components.


This kiosk has the relative advantage in terms of simplicity and lower cost by making use of hard buttons to control the selection of items. The items are typically presented in the form of plastic acrylic sheets while stretched LCD panels can also be used to support the display of more dynamic content.

Quick-Serve Ordering and In-Store Vending

EV250 Series






  • Coupon printer

  • Card dispenser




  • Mild steel enclosure

  • IPC motherboard

  • ​10-inch LCD touchscreen LCD

  • Contactless card reader

  • Receipt printer

  • Button controller

  • Hard buttons

  • Plastic display panels


*Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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