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: laser and image type 1 D scanner; 2D barcode QR code scanner for automatic identification.

: different type of magstripe and insert type credit card and smart card readers for identification


: supports USB, CF, SD card formats.

: specialized passport scanner.

: for customer to sign for the transaction.

: image capture scanner with OCR feature.

: full functioned keyboard for alpha numeric input.

: photo capture and vide conferencing.

Transaction and Payment Processing

Payment Reader 

Bill Acceptor

Coin Acceptor

Encrypted Metallic Pinpad

Fulfillment and Output




Networking and Communication Peripherals

GPRS / 3G Modem.

: thermal, laser and dye-sublimation printers for receipt, ticket, document and photo

  printing applications. Different print sizes in 80mm, 110mm, A4, 4R and 8R.

: card sized products; physical items for vending operation. Download - in forms of

  digital download through    Bluetooth, Mobile NFC and/or direct USB connectivity.

: Networking and Communication Peripherals - Telephone Handset - rugged

  handset for payphone applications.


: EMV certified, PBOC2.0 complied and contactless type (Mifare Classic /Sony Felica /Mifare CPU) for

  transaction purposes.

: cash validator that supports different currencies.

: coin acceptor that supports different coin sizes.

: secured password input.

Main Kiosk Unit





Secure Locking Mechanism

Overhead Signage

UPS Power Supply


: stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum made casing with powder coating.
: industrial PC (IPC) running Windows or Linux OS or embedded micro-controllers (MCU) running

  proprietary system.
: LCD displays (6.4-inch to 42-inch) with touchscreen option. Larger sized displays or stretched sized

  displays are available.
: resistive, capacitive, infrared and acoustic wave type.
: double security for transactional applications involving cash handling.
: light box panel or second LCD screen for advertising purpose.

Identification and Data Input

Barcode Scanner

Card Reader

Memory Card Reader

Passport Scanner

Electronic Signature Pad

Document Scanner

Metallic Keyboard with Trackball


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