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Although human touch is the essence in servicing industries, good people are hard to nd and keep. Things get more dicult to handle when the society is getting more fast-paced. There is also a growing trend for more business travelers and budget travelers who demand operation eciency instead of personal touch. Hotels can use a variety of kiosks to better serve these segments of guests. With the prevalence of Internet and online booking, self check-in kiosks will become more commonplace to speed up guest registration. Room key can be encoded and issued directly from the kiosk. More advanced format is the download or activation of digital "key" into mobile NFC phone from the check-in kiosks located in the hotel lobbies. Kiosks are not limited to enhancing guest satisfaction but can be used for supporting internal HR management such as roster dispatch.

Some of the applications include:

• Guest check-in
• Interactive iConcierge
• Electronic Wayfinder
• HR management

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