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Some of the applications include:

• Pay per print charging
• RFID library management
• Surveillance control
• Multimedia learning

With the use of more ICT facilities, kiosks are deployed in smart campus to enable better management of school resources such as copying, printing and payment at tuck shops. Students can make use of kiosks to obtain unmanned services which are charged on pay per use basis. This helps to reduce wastage or abuse of resources and at the same time help school recoup some of the administration costs. While schools have increasingly equipped more computer-assisted tools for enabling multimedia learning, the need for eective asset management becomes essential. Kiosks can be used to enable surveillance control and security protection by embedding the RFID readers and other sensors to keep track of the in-out passing of the tagged items. Other applications may include the enabling of automatic check-out and return of books for RFID library.



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